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The Coco Bean Story...

Hey there, my name is Coco Bean and I'm adopted. My Mum 'found' me early one morning on the Cork Dog Action Welfare Group website. My foster Mum, who is brilliant and rescues loads of doggies every year, had put the cutest picture of me on the site and Mum just fell in love.

She drove all the way to Cork to meet me and we just fell head over heels for each other. I wagged my tail so much I was one tired puppy!

Now I live in the 'sticks by the sea' as Mum calls it and I have a cat brother and a cat sister.  We all have lots of fun together!


My Mum looks after us all really well. She takes me for lots of walks on the beach and up and down big hills. She's always trying to tire me out as I have lots and lots of puppy, bouncy energy. I always want to have lots of fun so when bed time comes I zzzz for ages!  

Mum watches what I eat all the time too. She feeds me the best food and because she's a super Mum she invented Coco Bean's NomNoms!

Yes that's right she named these healthy vegetarian treats after me! Imagine that.

Coco Bean's NomsNoms are packed with yummy goodness and cool stuff like sweet potatoes, carrots, peas and coconut oil. I'm telling all my doggie friends about them! Woof woof!

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